We could tell you how awesome and unforgettabubble our wine tours are, but we’d prefer to let you learn that from our happy customers!


“Awesome day which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Will be scouring the UK for these wines!! Stoked!!”
James and Anna, London UK

“Absolutely Awesome, will recommend to everyone and anyone!”
Michael & Julie, Sydney Australia

“My first wine tour ever! My friends have been on a wine tour before so I thought I would feel a little bit out of my depth. Graham was great, it was like going around with a friend. We went to four wineries and the chocolate shop. As he works in the vineyards during the week we got inside information on what they do with the vine all year round. Alot goes into making a bottle of wine! I look like a pro now (with wine that is). We will keep drinking Marlborough wines but we won’t spit it out!!”
Kylie, Auckland, New Zealand.

“Wonderful so much fun; loved it!”
Amy, South Dakota, Minnesota USA.

“Whoa! What a day. Loads of great wines + food + company! A perfect day in Marlborough”
Dylan, Donegal Ireland

“You always hope for a great day on your wedding anniversary and what a perfect day we got. Kerry was definitely the bubbly in Bubbly Grape. Nothing was to much trouble. We visited several different Marlborough wineries, and being that we were on a private wine tour we got the best attention in every place. Kerry was so informative and knowledgeable. We learn’t so much.

Thankyou Bubbly Grape we will remember you for a long time”.
John and Alice, Brisbane, Australia.

“Of all the wine tours this was our most enjoyable. Great people loads of wine knowledge, very kind and fun! So pleasant & just a great experience”.
Ernest J Petti, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“We found ‘bubbly tours’ in Lonely Planet + everything in there was right. friendly, informative + fun. Will be telling all our friends about it. Thanks for a great day!”
Michelle Wood London, UK.