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Let VirtualWineTours.NZ Take You On A Real-Time Taste Sensation Tour

Experience personalized treatment and support Marlborough wineries

Learn about wine growing in New Zealand

You choose the Wineries

Choose the winery you want to learn about. There is no set combination of wines or presentations that you need to buy! You Choose!

To help you with Winery choices, go to VirtualCellarDoor and select the winery from the alphabetical link.

Buy Direct

If you want to have a bottle (or bottles) of wine to sample while watching the live presentation, click on the alphabetical link on the VirtualCellarDoor page, click on the winery name or Where to Buy to go their website or on-line store, select the wines and buy direct from the winery of your choice. You will also be able to see details of the days & times that they conduct tours & tastings.

Book OnLine

Once you know which winery or wineries you want to visit, Contact Us, enter your details plus the winery or wineries, and choose the time and date that works for everyone in your group.

VirtualWineTours.NZ will confirm the details of the dates and times that presentations will be held, together with a link (or links) for you to join in.


Log in to your presentation when you are ready.
Your taste sensation presenter will personally tell you about their world-class wines and answer your questions. This is a fun interactive experience for everyone.
You can ask questions, talk about how the wine was made and where it was sourced from. Get ready to sip, chat, and learn!

Note that you don't have to buy 6 or 12 bottles from one winery. Local forwarders will collect your selection from the different wineries, combine them into one package, and send them direct to you.


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