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We are your Informative, but Fun Filled Wine Tours in Marlborough. We are liked by the wineries, and if we are liked you are given great service. We don’t need to fill up the van to have a great day.

A Marlborough wine tour group

Come and join the cheerful Bubbly Grape Team for a fun filled winery tour with hosts as Effervescent as Champagne. We are bubbly in nature. The wine you will be tasting is not just Bubbly Wines. We taste the full range of what Marlborough has to offer.

Try the beautiful well produced wines of this gorgeous Marlborough region in a safe and informative environment. Learn lots of interesting things to help you appreciate the wine and the area. You will learn things that you will remember for life without you knowing you are learning.

Marlborough was once mostly sheep and dairy farms and now the unique wines have take over the area. The soils and climate are perfect to make quality wines that are making an impression all over the world.

Every winery is different in their own way. Have a look at some of the Marlborough wineries we can visit.

All the wines in the Marlborough region are produced to a high standard. Some you will like more than others. Going on a wine tour helps you to find the wines and labels your taste buds like. It will help you to find that special wine that will be your favourite for years to come. You might even be surprised about the Riesling and Chardonnay. They are different to some of the older ones you vaguely remember from the past. They might surprise you.

Grape vine

You can also see some unique architecture and views, and some fantastic people. See the passion direct from the wine tasting rooms.

Be picked up at your accommodation and travel  in our comfortable Mercedes Van.

Enjoy your tastings of the exquisite range of wines this region has to offer without having to Drink and Drive.

We don’t run to a pre-arranged schedule of winery visits, we work with you to give you a fun-filled, “unforgetabubble” day of Marlborough taste sensations. The wineries that we go to are selected by having the input of the group as a whole. If we can get there we will. We even are happy to take you to the Famous ‘Cloudy Bay Winery’ for a decent tasting of five wines so you see an over view of the place that a lot of people rate very highly.

Everyone in the van will feel like part of the experience and not like an outsider. Sharing wines with people on the day can add to your experience. You don’t have to be an wine expert we will teach you if you haven’t been on a wine tour before. You will be sure to impress you friends and family after the tour.

We don’t exclude anyone as all our winery tours go whether it is one person or ten.

There’s something for everyone!

Couple on a Marlborough wine tour

We take people of all ages. Drinking age in New Zealand is 18 years of age. Passport or Drivers Licence is required if you look under 25 if you would like to taste the wines.

Let us be the highlight of your New Zealand visit. Let us “Drive You to Drink!”






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We offer full or half day wine tasting tours in the Marlborough region. We can pick you up from Blenheim or Picton. Make a Booking.

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